Sunday, 1 November 2009

Still alive - just....

Been an exhuasting few days. Second London Film Festival screening on thursday passed off without any technical disasters, to the great dissapointment of everyone present. Friday screening at Curzon Soho was sold out, and the bar was rammed for a great while afterwards. Kev the pap was on fine form, and I'm pretty sure he passed out his card to a few folk, so they can call him if they see anyone famous. (now lost count of starsuckers ironies I'm afraid) People are actually turning up and paying good money to see it in other cinemas as well, but we need all the help we can get this weekend...

We're all extremely pleased the whole reviews guantlet is now at an end. They've ranged from the extremely good (4 Stars in Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Express, The Scotsman, The Independent and Film 4) to the generally positive (3 stars in the Guardian, Telegraph and the Mail) to the hateful (The Times). Newsnight review was apparently less than kind, but I haven't watched it as it may well cause me to kick in my television. Mark Frith (ex editor of Heat magazine) apparently hates the very air I breathe, which is hardly surprising - I doubt George Bush was particularly fond of Farenheit 9/11.

Nothing from The Sun, News of The World, The Star, The Mirror or the Sunday Mirror. All of their critics came to see the film, so it says a lot about their critical independence if they have been ordered not to review the film.

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  1. Either that or the NotW, Mirror, People etc could only be bothered to review films that people are actually going to see! Let's face it. People read those papers. They are, whatnone would call, successful. On the other hand Starsuckers is what one would call a flop. And it not worth reviewing to pan something that nobody is going to see.

    I'm not being spiteful. But in it's first week Starsuckers took £4536 and showed at 7 cinemas.

    Why is that worth reviewing? It took less than, wait for it, both a Romanian drama about life during the cold war, and a 4 hour Japanese drama about a man who takes photos up schoolgirls skirts.

    Therefore to think that editorial influece is why it didn't get reviewed is either delusion or arrogance. Or delusional arrogance. I don't recall seeing a review in the Yorkshire Evening Post but thy weren't mentioned in the film.

    Maybe. Just maybe. They aren't out to get Atkins. Maybe they just don't care.....