Wednesday, 4 November 2009

First Q&A run is now at an end...

Just done eight Q&A's in seven days, and now even I'm sick of the sound of my own voice. Audiences have been very good, and we had over 100 in the screen on the green last night. Big shout out to Clare Binns at City Screen for standing four square behind this project and giving us these awesome cinemas - without her this film would be dead in a ditch.

Last night's screening was livened up with the news that Law firm Carter-Ruck (who tried to injunct the film 10 days ago) had an office outing to the cinema. We're still not sure if they actually turned up, but half a dozen people in suits left en masse just before the Q&A kicked off.

Film still showing at the Ritzy Brixton and Greenwich picturehouse in London, and the Glasgow Film Theatre and Cameo Edinburgh (til Thursday only). Screening times here. If it isn’t showing near you contact your local cinema and ask them to book it, or email us at

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