Thursday, 29 October 2009

Snakes eating tails

I couldn't have scripted the evening better myself. The premiere, Q&A and party after felt like it was the result of a collaboration between Richard Curtis and Hunter S Thompson. The paying public had turned up to witness a display of confusion and mishap, and they were not disappointed. The screening started half an hour late thanks to a previous showing running over. Then about 20 minutes into the movie, a gang of exceedingly merry Polish folk entered the auditorium and started singing very loudly, and had to ejected by myself, Nick the editor and Simon the animator. Film was followed by a pretty lively Q&A, and afterwards I regally told my friends that I would not be able to receive their praise as I had to be whisked away to have my official photo taken. Duly arrived at the LFF VIP area only to find the photographer had got bored and buggered off home, thus bashing my expanding ego firmly back into place. Only another 8 or so Q&A's to go, so we're off to an excellent start.

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