Wednesday, 14 October 2009

And so it begins...

Opening salvo just been fired in the battle of Starsuckers vs Tabloids. The Guardian just called to say that they are about to go live with the first of several revelatory stories we've got in the film on their website. Understand there will be a juicy piece in tomorrows paper so we wait with bated breath.

Call came just as myself and the Producers Christina and Fliss were watching the very final render of the film, which was beautiful timing. None of us have had a decent nights sleep since August so we are all way over our overdraft limits in terms of energy, so this is just the boost we need. Daniel the assistant editor (who's been on the project 2 years and counting) now has rather too much energy and is leaping around like a banshee trying to get the render out the door. Granted if he fails in this task we will have bugger all to screen at the London Film Festival Press screening next week, so fingers crossed. LFF screening sold out, but is now booked into several fantasitc Lodon cinemas for the week starting friday 30th October so book now!


  1. Just saw the interview over at the Guardian - can't wait to see the final film. Will it be given away on DVD on the front cover of the papers? :-)

  2. will be released in cinemas on the 30th October - there's a screenings tab to show where it's on