Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The website is live! I've never had an Igor to shout at - must make sure that's a rider in my next contract (if indeed I do get another contract). Though Daniel the assistant editor is doing a pretty good impression. The poor man was here in the edit til 5am by the looks of things, and I'm back in at 7 to approve the final vfx shots and the titles. Never has so much blood been sweated by so few, over precisely how much drop shadow to put onto the ident for forensic psychiatrist.

But yes the website is now in a "go" situation and very exciting it is too. Only 2.5 weeks before the film comes out, but hey, who's counting? Film still not quite out the door, but inches away. Rather like sending out your child on their first day of school - if your child happens to be the one that is perpetually late, loathed by all the other children, and gets expelled on the first day for biting the teachers nose.

All sorts of fun and games going to kick off this week... will update as soon as I know what the hell is going to happen when.

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