Friday, 29 July 2011

Film to be shown to UK TV again!

Following the death of the News Of the World, one of the targets of Starsuckers, More4 have kindly agreed to screen the film again. It's on More4 11.10pm this Sunday 31st July. If enough people watch it they might show it again on the main channel!


  1. Watching it now - it's really good, well done.

    Does me wanting to come here to tell you this make me a starsucker? I am not a celebrivore really, I'm a know-it-all.

  2. Fucking immense film mate, only caught the last of it but wish I had seen the whole thing. Good to know there are people like you out there trying to make the truth known.

  3. Saw the documentary last night/this morning. Shame such a relevant peace of work should be buried in the More 4 graveyard shift. Hope it gets another play at a better time. Everyone should see this!