Monday, 1 August 2011

Genius complaint letter

We've had a few angry letters in response to this film, mainly from lawyers. But this one takes home the gold - and he's absolutely right!


I've just finished watching the excellent Starsuckers' documentary on More4. For me the programme merely deepens long held misgivings with regard to Band Aid, Live8 and its sundry imitations, while reaction from those on the wrong end of your investigation, published on the website, increased these reservations still further if anything.

But although congratulatiuons are deserved I must ask about one rather annoying feature on the graphics, and which smacks of compliance with EU diktat more than anything. This places Edinburgh in Scotland but puts London (and Birmingham and every other English city judging by the map used towards the end of the programme) somewhere called 'ukay'.

Since what I saw on screen cannot have been either an accident or a mistake it must have happened by design. I find this odd since the monolithic corporate infuence over our lives you warn against so cogently and so successfully in the film also promotes the trans-national government that serves its interests and which, through European regional policy, is currently trying to impose unwanted anonymity on the English people.

Why did your programme abolish England Mr Atkins?



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