Friday, 16 October 2009

What a kerfuffle

Thursday was a bit on the strange side. Did about a dozen interviews for BBC radio (including scotland and wales) 3 pieces for Ireland Radio (where the film isn't even opening, but they seem to find the idea of Amy Winehouse's hair catching fire hysterical). All this was on the fake stories story. Then midway through the Radio 1 interview, got a call from Paul at the Guardian saying they were about to throw the switch on the Medical Records story, and the phones really flew off the hook. Got first angry/threatening call from disgruntled tabloid hack, something I suppose we will have to get used to - I suppose it shows we've done our job properly.

Then the news came through that someone from AP asked a question about the film to George Clooney and Kevin Spacey, who gave fairly lucid answers on what it's like to have fictional stories told about you. Within minutes this was halfway round the globe, and being used by the Guardian to push the story. (Irony number 43: Film that critiques use of celebrity to push products gets massive boost from offhand comment by Hollywood movie star)

CNN and ITN came over to do a recorded interview for the fake stories story, only to find out that the medical records story was just exploding, which caused some confusion about what precisely they were here to interview me about. They ended up sticking to the game plan and focusing on the fake stories, and resigned to have to come back another day. Then a hussle over to More4 news (I didn't know that More4 had a news, but there you go) and had lively chat with the utterly delightful Kiki King (ex 3am girl, now novelist). We had interviewed Kiki for the film, but she didn't make the cut, a fact I think she is rather glad about.

Then bollocking from Producer Fliss about the small fact that we still haven't finished the ruddy film, and I'm promptly banned from talking to the media until we have rendered out the finished film. This provided me with the incentive to get off my arse and sort out the last of the VFX shots, quick call to Goldberg the lawyer (who was in the pub) for one final arse cover, and then pressed the render button.

News at Ten was a hoot - they even got an interview with Max Clifford (irony number 44 - will explain later) and they ended with "and that was news at ten - or is it!". How we laughed.

This morning woke up to the news that a tabloid hack had attempted to doorstop me, unfortunately going to the wrong house. International TV now going into overdrive, apparently we're quite big now in Denmark...

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