Thursday, 15 April 2010

CALL MAX spoof Max Clifford advert now at 11,000 views and climbing...

Max Clifford's involvement in Starsuckers has been pretty
much ignored by the Mainstream Media (with the notable
exception of Roy Greenslade in the Guardian) This is
hardly surprising, given that Max has so much control
over what news we do and don't read. He is able to shut
down stories about his clients getting up to no good, so
he has been more than capable of killing off the story of
how we had caught him on undercover camera. But not
even Max and his friends Carter Ruck (who previously
threatened to injunct the film) can shut down the internet,
so please do pass this spoof advert of Max far and wide
so people can learn what a slimy operator he is - the the
mainstream news won't dare have a bad word said
against him.

Check out our CALL MAX viral video on youtube...

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