Monday, 5 April 2010

And that's when it all kicked off...

For a nasty minute I thought the More 4 TV broadcast (Tuesday 10pm) was going to slip out without any press at all. Then at the end of last week we received a staggering 58 pages of angry from Bob Geldof, responding to the criticisms that Starsuckers makes of Live Aid and Live 8. The covering letter makes it clear that Bob's main bone of contention is not the allegations that Live Aid money was used to assist in a program of ethnic cleansing, or that Live 8 distracted and undermined the political campaign of Make Poverty History. No, the thing that has most rattled the ex boomtown rat is that I made up a story about his daughter stuffing pick'n'mix sweets down her bra, and sold it to the Daily Mirror as part of our fake news stories hoax.

This was followed by an 11 page letter addressed to me personally, that is a chaotic mixture of legal threats, several lists of Bob's awards and TV appearances, insults, jokes and venomous criticisms of anti-poverty campaigners. Despite the letter being marked "not for publication", there was clearly an overwhelming public interest in Geldof's views on this subject being made known, as he wielded colossal unelected power and influence over world leaders at the G8 Summit in 2005. I made this letter available to the Guardian who ran the story on page of three of Saturdays paper. This has predictably enraged the anti-poverty movement (who Geldof described as "wankers dressed as clowns") and John Hilary (executive director of War on Want) has written a strongly worded response in a Guardian Comment is Free piece. Last time I checked this was on the front of the Guardian website and had attracted over 200 comments in 4 hours.

Independent on Sunday has run a really nice diary piece on the battles we've been through to get the film released, and the "Call Max!" spoof advert for Max Clifford using our undercover camera footage is now at nearly 9,000 hits in just a few days. Still zero news coverage of this, which is unsurprising given that all the newspapers and TV news outlets are so terrified of Clifford that they dare not offend him. Everyone from The Sunday Times to BBC News rely on him not only for stories but as a pundit for all their celebrity and media stories. I wonder how many hits it will need to get before someone breaks cover...

TV reviews coming out all weekend and they are all extremely strong. Guardian calls it "Superb" and the Times describes it as "Brilliant". Also glowing pieces in the Sunday Times, Observer and Independent on Sunday. I've been too rushed to get any Tabloids but would be extremely interested to see what the papers that we've turned over have to say.

Fingers crossed the TV Broadcast goes ahead... I doubt that anything can stop it now, but anything can happen in 24 hours.

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