Friday, 23 October 2009

We've been Carter F*cked

This morning I was awoken by the dulcet tones of an email arriving in my inbox from everyone's favourite law firm. Carter Ruck acting on behalf of Max Clifford are currently threatening Starsuckers with an injunction. Suffice to say that we are fighting this at every end and turn, but when you are dealing with the most powerful media mogul in the world and a law firm that believes it can gag parliament, then anything can happen. Even reading this blog might land you with a writ.

True to form there was a bit of a technical disaster at the start of this mornings press screening - for the first three minutes the audio was practically inaudible. This is the latest in a series of catastrophe's whenever the film is screened - when we showed an early cut to the selectors of the London Film Festival the projector exploded, and when we screened it to the cinema chains a hard drive melted and they had to sit looking at a blank screen for an hour. It maybe that merrses carter f*ck don't have to bother with all their silly letters as the film itself appears to be cursed from the get go. There are various conspiracy theories floating around the office, the only problem is working out which of our copious enemies might have had a hand in it. Anyway turnout was good (250 people) and my phone has now handed in it's notice and retired to spend more time with it's children.

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