Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another day, another writ...

Our lawyers are at least keeping themselves busy out of this movie. I'm actually now starting to lose track of how many legal battles we are fighting and with whom, but it's safe to say that our Guardian pieces last week have ruffled a few feathers in the media world, and some angry letters have been appearing on Goldbergs' mat.

Interesting to note that despite our fake stories story flying round the world and back again, there is no comment whatsoever from any of the news outlets that we hoaxed. The Mirror, Sun, Star & Express have been asked to come on air and debate with me on the numerous radio and TV appearances I've been doing, but they've suddenly gone all shy. Apparently the showbiz team from the Daily Mirror were extremely keen to come on Radio 1 and put their case, but their Editor forbade them from speaking publicly about this. Hardly the behaviour of an institution dedicated to Free Speech.

The offer remains for any person or any organistion we ciritisise to go head to head in a media debate of their choosing. Would be awful for the public to think that the British Tabloids suddenly got all tongue tied just because some scruffy film-makers from Shoreditch poked a bit of fun at them.

Atkins Radio and TV appearances will unfortunately be polluting your airwaves for the short future. Have already been told off for using "inappropriate" language on air - I used the word "prolific" on Radio 1, and was told to re-record the comment saying "lots" instead. Now we are infecting American media as well - CNN piece here.

We are continually being asked if there are any more bombshells in the film, and whether or not the Guardian can get back to reporting news. Well we've got a few more tricks up our sleeves, but still frantically debating internally about how and when they get released. There is a press screening of the whole film on friday morning so the general feeling is to wait til then so everyone gets to see everything at once. 

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